Take for example a child who plays with Buy Blade & Soul Gold a magnifying

Take for example a child who plays with Buy Blade & Soul Gold a magnifying glass, and discovers that the sun focused on a banana peel (there are a mysteriously large number of them about, for some unknown reason), causes the peel to burn. The child has been burnt before and realizes this is an unpleasant sensation. Suddenly an ant passes by and the child is curious to see what would happen to the ant, realizing that it might be unpleasant for the ant, but not completely sure of exactly what will happen. Suddenly, his/her hand will be prevented from moving just as the sun is about to be focused fatally on the ant. The ant will crawl away safely, but will our future?

That‘s exactly what happened to Sam T. Goodner. His software company, BNSGold the Austin-based Catapult Systems Corp., ranked 77th among the fastest growing companies in America while Goodner served as the founding CEO. At age 33, Goodner decided to step down as CEO of Catapult to take on the new challenge of serving as CEO of Inquisite Inc., a Catapult subsidiary that sells software over the Internet. But Goodner soon found his new digs to be harsher, more spartan than what he was accustomed to. Half of it is actually under ground, he explained, describing his much less attractive new office space.

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I‘ve said it before and I’m sure I‘ll have to say it again, We need to put our energies into an outlook that encompasses both technology and nature, not to mention spirituality. If you watch or read the News (I try not to do it too much) you will know that a huge number of stories are about problems with the world. Degradation of the environment, conflict between nations and cultures we are not unaware of what‘s happening around us. With the advent of the Internet we now share knowledge like never before. Fear and suspicion due to ignorance of other nations and cultures is decreasing rapidly as boundaries are now crossed freely and easily. I’m just wondering if we might need to put a little bit more of our technical focus and genius (a general focus that currently is a tunnel-vision based around personal gadgetry) into these bigger issues that seem so much more relevant and important when it comes to reaching a level of planetary sustainability and happiness that we can feel secure with. It‘s no fun listening to cool songs on your super-phone if the bus you are riding on is attacked by frustrated people, is it? How about those awesome UV light rays that burnt your skin through the window on your way to the Blade and Soul Gold for sale beach in your car that helped deplete the Ozone, as well as your wallet, because of the effects and costs of oil and other.

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